Financial Planning ProcessPersonal Financial Planning

Financial Planning in the broad sense emcompasses our entire lifetime. Each individual had their own life stage map and we act as financial planning guides along the way.

It is globally accepted that there is a financial planning process that must be followed to ensure that clients receive sound financial planning advice.

At The DBF Group, we will work hand in hand with you to ensure that there is a comprehensive plan in place to achieve the optimum management of your wealth through personal goals and objectives, as well as long-term financial objectives.


In this arena, we assist clients to address their investment needs (growth of capital, income provision. Capital preservation etc.) taking note of their ability to manage risk (volatility) and their life stage.

An investment approach always needs to be personalised to the client’s specific objectives, eliminating fear and greed from their decisions.

Increasing your wealth requires all investors to have clearly defined investment objectives along with a clear strategy on how these objectives will be achieved. Understanding these risks as well as implementing strategies to minimise these risks are important aspects of investing.

Retirement Planning

This incorporates three distinct parts:- firstly planning along the journey towards retirement (in the future), secondly at the point of retirement and thirdly on going revision after date of retirement to ensure that plans made are taking account of changed circumstances.

Employee benefits

This is a service to business to provide benefits such as Group Life, Group Disability, Pension and Provident Funds.

Business Assurance

These include: Buy and sell structure; Keyperson Insurance; Preferred Compensation Plans; Contingent Liability Plans.

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