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We are given many things in life for free. These are the things that we often take for granted – but they're crucial to living life.

The freedom of choice is one of these abilities that provides a unique opportunity for every one of us when we put it into practice.

Making our own choices means that we need to ask different questions; questions that will bear the marks of our individuality. Providing the right answer to your questions, and guiding you on your journey to peace of mind is my forté. I will walk with you as you make and live by your choices.

Duncan Fraser

Certified Financial Planner®
About Duncan

Duncan Fraser is the Principal Member of DBF Financial Planning and Wealth Solutions CC, which was registered in 2009. He has continued since then to provide his Clients with a high level of quality advice in their financial planning needs.

Duncan is a certified Financial Planner, registered with the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa, and operates a completely independent service. The quality of advice and service Duncan provides reflects his experience and knowledge of the industry.

Duncan has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years; as a Financial Planner with Standard Bank for 18 years, and prior to that with Liberty Life. Duncan has a Banking Diploma, and a CFP Post Graduate Diploma.

Prior to changing his career path, Duncan worked as a bank official with Standard Bank of South Africa Limited. Duncan is thus well acquainted with the independent financial needs of his clients over a wide sphere of financial planning as has in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms that can be applied to enhance his Client’s wealth.


explore | create | select


Most financial plans begin and end with the products. Your plan needs to begin and end... with you.


Having asked the right questions about your life, we will research and create the financial choices that you can choose to best suit you.


With a clear understanding of who you are, and what you want, you can make powerful and informed choices.


Your life will keep changing, and you should be able to change your choices too. We can review your plan and enhance it when needed by exploring, creating and choosing.


Empowering you to create
the choices you need to make.


referrals and citations

We have known each other since the Liberty Life Braamfontein Agency days. That was in the mid to late 1980s. That is going back some 30+ years…..time has flown by. You have always been a man of your word, thorough and careful in what you do. Also know that you are a God fearing person and a special family man. You contribute time and other to your congregation at your church. I find that highly principled. In the last 8 or 9 years, you have always been courteous during my visits at your office and I have enjoy doing some business with you. This could always be more, I am sure. No doubt your clients enjoy and say the same about you. I cannot see it any other way.


We first met in 1998, and since then Duncan has been both reliable, and a good friend, in my dealings with him.
This letter confirms the really excellent service I have received from Duncan over the years.


For over twenty years I have received wonderful Financial Advice and Guidance! Duncan is very knowledgeable and always willing to assist. He is very thorough and I am proud of the investment I have. I would highly recommend the Services the team is able to provide.


Duncan has served me well at the various stages of my life over the past 25 years.


Financial Advice that is tailored
to you and your choices.


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